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Tried and tested product reviews for new mums

There is so much information our there for new mums, researching the best products for you and your baby can become quite overwhelming. That’s why I decided to start this blog, to give real and honest reviews of the products that helped me. I will also be adding useful tips and lists for all the essentials you will need to help you through different stages of motherhood.

Latest from the Blog

Hospital Bag Checklist

Which Hospital bag should I use? You probably won’t need to buy a special bag to take into hospital with you, I took three bags all together, one for before and after labour, and another for baby.  One piece of advice i would give to anyone, is if they have a Trolley Bag to useContinue reading “Hospital Bag Checklist”

Top 10 Maternity Essentials

Whilst planning all of the essential purchases you will need to make for the arrival of your newborn, don’t loose sight of little things that could help you to have a smoother pregnancy. Here are my Top 10 Maternity Must-Haves to help you on your journey towards motherhood.  Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow Whilst most ofContinue reading “Top 10 Maternity Essentials”

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